Non-protected steel structures are able to withstand high temperatures for 5-25 minutes, since mechanical strength of metal heated up to 500°C declines. During a fire at the objects of civil and industrial construction this leads to failure of the load carrying metal structures of buildings. And the result is loss of property and fire victims.

To avoid this different fire protection approaches are employed. Nowadays the efficient prevention measures have become the most popular. They are aimed at prevention of rapid failure of buildings and constructions during fire. The most widely-spread and convenient approach is application of the fire-proof intumescent paints on the load – carrying metal structures . At high temperatures the coatings based on the fire-proof intumescent paints show significant increase in volume and are rearranged into the porous heat-insulating layer coked cellular material. It protects metal from overheat. The fire resistance time of metal structures rises manifoldly and they stay firm for significantly more time.

Due to the use of the fire-proof paints PLAMCOR, produced by the VMP Research & Production Holding JSC , metal structures become able to withstand fire for 90-120 minutes. This allows extending the time needed for escape and evacuation of people and material resources.

Using the VMP materials our experts have developed the fire-proof coats specifically for the industrial and civil construction objects.

Standard fire-proof coating systems:

As a rule, standard fire-proof coating systems involve 2 or 3 layers of different paint materials:

• primer;
finishing (top) coat (layer).

Fire protection coat «BEFORE» and BEFORE
exposure to fire

The VMP Research & Production Holding JSC offers a number of variations depending on the operating conditions of the object.

Fire protection of metal structures of industrial objectsFire protection of metal structures of civil objects